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22 July 2014
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Towing Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles

22 July 2014, Comments 0

Just because a four-wheel-drive system has a neutral position does not mean it is towable. On some vehicles, when the transfer case is shifted […]

20 July 2014
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Your Car has been Towed in Asbury Park New Jersey. Now What?

20 July 2014, Comments 0

Hopefully you will never need the information in today’s post. Many car owners have never been towed, and many will never be towed. When […]

16 July 2014
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New Jersey Towing Laws

16 July 2014, Comments 0

LEGISLATION ITEMS FOR DIRECTORY A3812 Predatory Towing Prevention Act CHAPTER 39 AN ACT concerning towing and towing operators and amending and repealing various parts […]

14 July 2014
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Tow Truck Law …are we missing something?

14 July 2014, Comments 0

Written by: Robert Edwards Jr, CFO As I perused through the local daily paper today, tucked away in the back was an AP article […]